Ten Classic Albums With Unappealing Titles

One of the most enduring alternative rock bands is set to release a new album this year, and a single has already been streaming. The song is called “Feels Like Summer,” but the guys in Weezer have yet to reveal the title of the forthcoming album.

Chances are the new record will be released without a title, just like most of the group’s LPs. From their debut back in the mid nineties known as the blue album through the white cover that came out last year, all but two of the quartet’s discs have simply been titled Weezer.

Going without an official title is better than some names that bands have given their albums, as a glance at the history of rock will indicate. Some of the best records have unappetizing or even downright disturbing titles, but few of them have come from shock rock artists you might expect such as Alice Cooper, Kiss or Black Sabbath.

Here are ten classic albums that have unappealing titles.

Goatshead Soup by the Rolling Stones

“Angie” is such a delicious hit that it belies a title that sounds like an inedible concoction someone might cook up as a Halloween prank.

Rattus Norvegicus by the Stranglers

The record is among the best ever recorded by the British punk band, who delighted fans with hits like “Peaches” and “Get a Grip On Yourself.”

Heartworms by the Shins

James Mercer chose these parasites for the title of his group’s 2017 record, their first in almost four years.

Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson, Lake and Palmer

I am not sure which would be worse, the brain salad or the surgery, but the album is loaded with hits like “Karn Evil #9” and “Still… You Turn Me On.”

Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart

Zaniness was the staple of this late sixties avant garde act, so it should not be surprising to find one of its albums on this list.

Alpacas Orgling by L.E.O.

The animals are gentle like llamas or orgles, but using one of them as a verb is discomfiting. The songs therein, however, make for a pack of quality products.

Weasels Ripped My Flesh by Frank Zappa

The eccentric legend who discovered Alice Copper and himself made some odd records belongs somewhere on this list, and this disc is the best fit.

Mona Bone Chakon by Cat Stevens

The peace-loving singer-songwriter would be about the last guy you would expect to place an album on this list, but he claimed he named this one after one of his private parts.

Ummagumma by Pink Floyd

Two albums before Dark Side of the Moon came this 1969 record, whose title was allegedly a slang term for sex.

Zombie Birdhouse by Iggy Pop

The front man of the Stooges selected this name for his 1982 record, an appropriate appellation for a disc containing songs like “Eat or Be Eaten” and “Street Crazies.”

Source by Doug Poe